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We answer your frequently asking questions about LP gas, electricity service, small trouble about your houses and renovations.

Recently frequently asked questions

I would like to change my credit card for my credit card payment.
The process is same as credit card payment application.
Please download the credit card payment application form here, fill it up with new credit card information, and send it to the address written in form. As soon as new card number is registered, old card number would be cancelled.

* The credit card application registration process takes about one month. Until the registration is finished, the payment would be withdrawn by the old credit card.
LP gas is stopped. How we can make it?
(1)Because of the safety device working, LP gas is stopped.
There is a possibility that the gas is automatically stopped by the gas meter’s safety device when we have a big earthquake (more than seismic intensity 5). “ガス止” word is appeared on the gas meter’s display. You can recover the gas supply by an easy procedure. Please check How to Restart Gas Supply

(2)The stopcock of your gas appliance is closed.
Please check whether the gas stopcock or the water supply stopcock is closed, or the electric plug is off.

(3)A gas appliance is out of order.
Please check whether gas equipment can be used normally. If you can not use only the gas appliance, there is a possibility that the appliance would be broken.
To repair your gas appliances, please contact us from the contact page.

(4)A gas supply has been stopped.
In order to stop a gas supply, we will post “Gas Stop Notification”. Please contact our offices close to you as soon as the gas bill is paid.

Please also check “How to Restart Gas Supply” when a gas supply has been stopped.
I have paid the gas bill. Please open the gas supply.
Please contact to our offices close to you with the gas payment receipt.
When opening the gas, it is necessary to see the customer for safety confirmation. We expect your understanding and corporation.
Please tell me the procedure for moving / Gas Start and Gas Stop.
It is available to apply “Gas Start” or “Gas Stop” for moving on the Internet or by telephone. Please check here for details.

*We ask you for 5-7 days notice so we can schedule a crew member to visit your home and physically turn your service on or off.
*We might not able to meet your request with your short notice.
Please tell me how to change the contractor (name)
We will only accept for chancing the contractor from the current contractor (or complying person with the contractor). Please prepare the documentation written below and contact to our offices close to you.
・Bank Account Number for Gas Payment
・Gas Payment Amount and Its Usage of Previous Month
*A customer who has not paid the gas fee by direct debit should prepare notice of past bills and usage (meter reading slip).
Where should I pay the bill if the due date of the convenience store payment had passed?
It is possible to pay the bill at a convenience store until the delivery deadline written the bill even after the due date. Please pay the bill as soon as possible. If he delivery deadline has passed, please contact to our offices close to you and pay the bill at our offices.

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